Hi and welcome to my blog!

I’ve mentioned a little bit about myself already in my first post (called ‘the beginning’) so apologies for any repetition here.

This blog is under a made-up name, purely because I wanted to be anonymous so that I could be completely open about my life and experiences without involving anyone else who may not want to be mentioned! Also, it means I don’t have to worry about my parents/friends/future employees finding this and judging me in any way. I hope it doesn’t make the blog seem impersonal, I’ll try throughout to make sure that’s not the case.

I’m a 21 year old psychology graduate from London, but living in Paris.
I moved here in the hope of exploring a new culture, and learning the language, before I go back to England next year to either get a job or do a Masters.

I am interested in positive psychology, well-being, happiness, mindfulness, and how our thoughts and emotions are more in our control than many of us are aware of.

My interest in this particular topic started after reading the book ‘Stop Thinking, Start Living’ by Richard Carlson which I thoroughly recommend.
(Please see my ‘Books’ category for any more books on the topic that I think are worth reading)

I was inspired to start this blog after I finally realised that my life isn’t bad and most unhappiness I feel is a result of my negative patterns of thinking, which are fully under my control! I assume that many people may be feeling a similar thing, and so instead of writing a personal diary tracking my progress in learning how to control my thoughts and feelings so that I’m happier, I decided to make it a public blog in case anything I find along the way may be of use to someone else.

I am really interested in any of your thoughts, opinions, stories and findings so please do comment! Depression and sadness is a lonely feeling, so the more connected we all are, I think, the better.

My email is : learninghowtobehappy@outlook.com



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